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Ditch The Boyfriend And Get A Dog! Here's Why!

You never have to doubt a dogs love or loyalty. Hes funny, sweet and totally handsome. You'll never feel like you need a boyfriend again and here's just a few reasons why.

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He's always excited when you come home

And ready to greet you with lovings

Actually, he doesn't want you to ever leave...

He's always dressed for the occasion

And ready to do anything you want to do

Or go anywhere you want to go

He puts up with all your shinanigans

Not afraid to get dirrty

He's the life of the party

But really just wants to hang out with you

He wants to know what you're up to

He wants to hear about your day

And cares about what you have to say

Always ready to play with you

Or just cuddle with you

He always knows how to make you feel better

And brighten your day

Even when times are ruff, he stays by your side

Enjoys long walks on the beach

And loves your cooking

Doesn't mind helping around the house

He'll give you presents

He's your best pal

And loyal servant

Totally loves kisses

And will always deliver

Loves getting hugs

And giving them too

He feels bad when you're upset

And is truly sorry

He's totally handsome

And doesn't mind your stinky feet

In fact he's drooling over you

You never have to doubt his love

Because its unconditional <3

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