16 Lessons We Learned From The Disney Princes

It’s not always the princesses that have nuggets of wisdom to give.

1. Prince Florian taught us that you truly can be someone’s wish come true.


Bet you didn’t know he had a name - did you?

2. Prince Charming taught us that you sometimes have to follow your princess.

Disney / Via weheartit.com

Or, if you’re the princess, let yourself be chased

3. Prince Phillip taught us that you have to fight for love.

Granted, it’s not usually a dragon, but yeah.

4. Taran taught us it’s okay to have doubts.

Disney / Via fanpop.com

5. Robin Hood taught us to stay positive.

Disney / Via wifflegif.com

6. Prince Eric taught us that you’ll accept your love’s eccentricities.

Disney / Via giphy.com

Yes, even if they comb their hair with forks.

7. Prince Adam taught us that love changes you.

And shows the true beauty inside.

Also, if this wasn’t the most magical moment of your childhood, you’re lying.

8. Aladdin taught us that you have to trust.

Disney / Via giphy.com

9. And that all you need to be is yourself.

Disney / Via giphy.com

10. Shang taught us that boys will be boys.

Strong, handsome, great singers, fantastic teachers, the whole shebang, but still boys.

11. Prince Edward taught us that confidence is paramount.

12. Prince Naveen taught us that true love will accept all your flaws.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

13. Flynn Rider taught us that you can go out and find a new dream.

14. And kept it real.

Disney / Via weheartit.com

Everyone suddenly sings? Think I’ll pass.

15. Prince Hans taught us that not every first love is true.

Disney / Via rebloggy.com

16. And Kristoff taught us that you don’t have to be perfect.

I could kiss you! I could. I mean, I’d like to. I - may I? We me? I mean, may we? Wait, what?

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