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    We Tried 24 Low-Cal Spiked Seltzer Brands In One Afternoon

    We did the hard work so you don't have to.

    Spiked seltzers are all the rage this summer...and we aren't complaining about it!

    So we decided to undertake the very difficult challenge of testing out all the low-cal spiked seltzers we could find — 24 in total.

    A flat lay of different canned drinks that are part of this taste test.

    It was a really hard job, but we were up for the challenge.

    A photo of Liza sitting on a deck in front of her computer sipping a drink while cans of other drinks rest beside her on a table.

    So without further ado, let's begin the spiked seltzer showdown!

    Georgian Bay (5%)

    Two cans of Georgian Bay drinks – one is Vodka Smash and is blue and white with citrus illustrations on front, and the other is Smashed Soda (Gin) in red and white with an illustration of a strawberry.


    Nude (5%)

    Two cans of Nude – one is blue and is a mixed berry gin soda, while the other is white and is a vodka soda with raspberry lemon.

    Cabana Coast Moscow Mule (7%)

    A can of Cabana Coast Moscow Mule that is in a gold and white can with an intricate gold pattern taking up most of the can.

    White Claw (5%)

    Two cans of White Claw Hard Seltzer, one says mango and one says black cherry.

    Ace Hill Vodka Soda (4.5%)

    A can of Ace Hill Raspberry (pink can) and Ace Hill Lemon (blue can).

    Tequila Tromba (5%)

    A can of Tequila Tromba with a green landscape illustration on the front of the can with illustrations of limes at the top.

    Cottage Springs Vodka Soda (5%)

    Two cans of vodka soda from Cottage Springs. One is Ontario Peach and one is Watermelon.

    Cottage Springs Vodka Water (5%)

    Two cans of Cottage Springs vodka water which are in blue cans. One is raspberry lime and the other is strawberry kiwi.

    Mike’s Harder Sparkling Lime Water (7%)

    Bacardi Lemonade (5%)

    A small can of Bacardi with yellow bands around the can and palm trees in the background.

    Twisted Tea (5%)

    A yellow and blue can of Twisted Tea that says "original" on the can in blue and white. There's a sun burst peaking out on the background.

    Palm Bay ZERO Sugar (5%)

    A white and blue can of Palm Bay Zero Sugar Key Lime Cherry with blue palm trees framing the can.

    American Vintage Hard Iced Tea Blueberry (5%)

    Muskoka Spirits (5%)

    Two cans of Muskoka Spirits – one can is green and white with half an illustration of a coconut intersecting with half a lime. The other can is red and white with half an illustration of cranberry intersection with half an illustration of blood orange.

    And our favourites are...

    SoCIAL LITE BOLD Vodka Soda

    Ace Hill Vodka Soda in Lemon

    Cottage Springs Vodka Water in Strawberry Kiwi

    Please note this list was based on products available at the time at our local LCBO.