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    Where In The World Is Jesse McCartney?

    He's leavin' never comin back again? Don't be so sure.

    Remember Jesse McCartney, the teenage heartthrob that made your younger self feel things you've never felt before?

    Not only did he give us the timeless jam "Beautiful Soul"

    View this video on YouTube

    To "Leavin"

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    To "Shake"

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    And this amazing apperance on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"

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    He was also our teenage prince of the 2000's

    But where has he been???

    Well he's been around and he's doing just fine. As of now he has a guest starring role on Freeform's TV show "Young & Hungry".

    And how cute is Emily Osment? Disney stars unite!

    According to his website, he still puts on live performances! So if you're in need of some Jesse McCartney nostalgia it can be done.

    And as for his love life, Jesse is dating actress Katie Peterson. Sorry Ladies.

    katielaurapeterson / Via Instagram

    Thankfully social media has given us the ability to never lose complete touch with our dear Jesse.

    Jesse McCartney / Via Twitter

    Instagram and Twitter: @JesseMcCartney

    To us Jesse, you will always be our beautiful soul.

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