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The Definitive Ranking Of "30 Rock" Guest Star Characters


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48. Wesley

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Wesley was the WORST. Michael Sheen played the super annoying "soulmate" of Liz Lemon. They had zero chemistry and was quite frankly a jerk. But kudos to Sheen for playing a jerk like him so well.

25. Nancy Donovan

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Julianne Moore played Jack Donaghy's high school love, Nancy Donovan. They start to date after she comes up to visit Jack for a weekend. Their relationship ends because Jack is also in love with Avery and gets her pregnant. Their relationship ends sweetly just like her.

22. Oprah Winfrey

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Technically Liz never actually met Oprah she was hallucinating and thought a teenage girl was her. But Oprah did come in as a guest star on the show and did a great job acting. I mean its OPRAH WINFREY.

21. Gavin Volure

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Steve Martin guest starred on "30 Rock" as a Gavin Volure, a love interest to Liz. Everything seemed to be perfect until Liz found out he is a convicted felon on house arrest. Things kind of went down hill from there.

18. Queen of Jordan Cast

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This was just a great skit that occurred a couple of times throughout "30 Rock" seasons. Plus D'Fwayn later went on to play the role of Tituss on "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt", which is just yaaassss.

17. Kelsey Grammer

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Grammer played himself while visiting "30 Rock". While doing so he helped Jenna and Kenneth pull of a cake scam and the comedy that ensued was hilarious! He also guest starred again when he helped Jenna and Kenneth clean up a mess when Pete was knocked unconscious. #classic

16. Claire

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Jennifer Aniston played Claire, a friend of Jenna and Liz, who is also a bit crazy and loves drama. She gets romantically involved with Jack and everything goes very very wrong, but it made for great comedy. She did such a great job her performance even got nominated for an Emmy. Plus Jen is an American treasure so A+.

13. Jadwiga, Cat Lady, Hooker, etc.

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Rachel Dratch played many characters from Jadwiga the the janitor to the cat wrangler. Dratch is a comedic talent and it showed through her many roles on "30 Rock"

*Fun Fact: Dratch was first casted as Jenna Maroney but was let go and the part went to Jane Krakowski.*

12. Dot Com and Grizz


Dot Com and Grizz were considered more of recurring characters but they were too great to leave off the list. So adding them just felt right. Plus they dealt with Tracy 24/7 and never complained. #respect

10. Floyd

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Jason Sudeikis played Liz Lemon's boyfriend, Floyd. They were so great together until he had to move to Cleveland. *sigh* But then he came back! And married his girlfriend on the Today show right in front of Liz....awkward.

8. Avery Jessup

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The role of Avery Jessup, Jack Donaghy's wife in the later seasons, was played by the talented and hilarious Elizabeth Banks. Avery was a perfect match for Jack because they were so similar but Avery was later kidnapped by North Korea and forced to be an American news reporter which obviously but a strain on the relationship. They later amicably divorced.

5. Angie Jordan

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The role of Tracy's wife Angie was played by Sherri Shepard. She created a lot of stories lines that were hilarious on "30 Rock'. She also had a very interesting marriage to Tracy Jordan. It's her way till pay day!

4. Kaylie Hooper

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Chloe Moretz played Kaylie Hooper, grandaughter to CableTown CEO Hank Hooper. Jack and Kaylie went head to head in a series of deceptions and games to win the coveted spot as head of CableTown. Jack later won this battle when Kaylie forgot to tell Hank Hooper happy birthday, which he takes very seriously.

3. Criss Chros

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James Marsden played boyfriend then husband of Liz Lemon. They are seriously the perfect match for each other and it was so great to see Lemon find happiness in the end. *cries tears of happiness*

2. Dennis Duffy

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Dean Winters played the one and only Dennis Duffy. He was the on and off boyfriend of Liz Lemon and the "Beeper King". While it was always funny when he was on the show, him and Liz were horrible together.

1. Devon Banks

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Will Arnett played determined and gay GE executive Devon Banks. Clearly one of the best recurring guest stars on "30 Rock", Arnett played Devon Banks so well that the show would bring him back on for a couple of episodes every other season. Any fan of the show would know that the character Devon Banks deserves this spot!

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