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17 Times Brooke Davis Was Queen The Of Everything

Brooke Davis 4 Prez

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1. When she spoke these words of wisdom.

2. How she openly talked about double standards.

3. And when she totally nailed how everyone feels when people try to tell you who/what you are.

4. But then she taught us to f**k other people's labels of us.

5. When she explained the difference between being a loving bitch or just a rude bitch.

6. When she said what everyone has thought at least once in their life.

7. But then realized and showed girls they don't need no man.

8. How she accepted herself and made us think maybe we should do the same.

9. And when she realized that no one should ever be someones second choice.

10. When her sass was on point.

11. When her and Peyton were basically the cutest BFF's ever.

12. And they knew what it meant to be BFF's.

Even if they did fight over Lucas for like 3 seasons but whatever.

13. Yep.

14. When she was just like all of this and thought maybe it would be better to not feel at all.

15. And how she thought how basically all women think.

*Even if they won't admit it

16. When she voiced they way she felt.

17. And when she gave us the best scene to ever come out of OTH.

Seriously Brooke+Julian 5ever.

Thank B we love ya.

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