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    Things I Learned As A Teenage Intern

    I had the opportunity to work in a creative agency this week called Simple Truth. We have them to thank for countless awesome brand designs. Here are some things I learned as a teenage intern.

    1. Reception

    Because it’s the 21st century most people call directly to whom they need to talk to.

    2. Coming and going.

    Most people who are coming in and out have keys, and don't need you to buzz them in. Even if you try.

    3. Breaks

    The one time you go to the bathroom, when you get back there will be approximately three missed calls and five people waiting at the door. Because of this, you won't go to the bathroom for the rest of the day.

    4. What's that sound?

    The little buzzing noise is not the doorbell, no matter how many times you try to open the door for it.

    5. The workspace

    Most offices that I have seen are more traditional, with cubicles, desks and hard chairs in grayscale. Simple Truth is full of bright pops of color, comfy furniture and yoga balls!

    6. The Conference Rooms

    Not only are the conference rooms at Simple Truth spacious and modern, like any great company would, Simple Truth named each room after a member of the Simpson’s family.

    7. Their Fitness Regimen

    Everyday at 3:15 everyone at Simple Truth drops what they are doing and does a 5 minute plank. Although the laughter makes it harder to stay in plank, the 5 minutes is accompanied by jokes to make the time go faster. They also utilize the personal trainers in their building’s gym several times a week!

    8. Their Yoga Situation

    If the planking and gym classes weren’t enough , on Wednesdays one of the conference rooms, Homer, is turned into a yoga studio during lunch.

    9. The Awkward Moments

    Just because your desk is isolated, does not mean that people can't see you. They can. And when you start spinning around in your office chair, they will notice.

    10. Their cool logos

    11. Their Amazing Staff and Community.

    Everyone at Simple Truth is part of a big community, that is great at it's job, and helps everyone it can. Simple Truth is a great company that has an amazing workspace, and is, in all aspects, awesome.

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