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    • littlewishbunny

      Oh wow! So funny. Either the person or people who made this post is seriously this stupid or is trolling, pretending to be Christian so they can act stupid and make Christians look even more ridiculous. They seriously went full retard all over this. This is why Atheists have little to no respect for a lot of Christians. Some of them are cool but the vast majority (or at least the most active and vocal ones) seem to be completely idiotic. I could go through and explain why each one of these are either false, backward logic, plain stupid, wrong in the extreme or just nonsense but hopefully anyone with a lick of sense, even the Christians will already know. I will address any or all of them if anyone wants me to. I dunno, this has to be a joke doesn’t it? Are people really this stupid? Please tell me this is a joke. It is, right?  Anyway, I’ll just answer one of the questions they claim we can’t give a simple answer to. Why are atheists suspiciously silent on Satan? We don’t believe he exists. He’s a part of the myth of the Bible and the Christian religion. Created by a being we don’t believe exists, taking part in stories we don’t believe to have happened, from a book we think is completely false. We thought you understood when we told you that we don’t believe God exists or ever existed and that the bible is a work of fiction, with out us needing to go down the line and point to every single character and supernatural being and tell you we don’t think they exist or that the events happened. We don’t believe the devil exists, nor do we believe God exists. We also don’t believe in angels or demons. We don’t believe Jesus is the son of God or did any of the magical supernatural things that happened in the bible.  We also think everything in the bible is a work of fiction unless it’s something we know exists from a little thing called evidence. Do we believe fig trees exist? Yes. Do we believe Jesus killed one for not bearing fruit he wanted during the off season? Nah. Do we believe mountains exist? Yes. Do we believe they can be moved with the power of prayer? Nope. Simple. Didn’t think we needed to spell that one out for ya.  Wow. Just… wow. This article fails so hard. xD

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