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Ad Agency Chooses Fast Over Smart With Reactvertising™

When "real time" is just too slow your brand needs Reactvertising.

littleweapons 5 years ago

Which One Of These Spots Will Win The Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Contest?

In my humble and biased opinion these are the three best spots. One breaks the universe. One has a glory hole joke (which may hurt its chances of going to air). And one has a wig. All are great.

littleweapons 5 years ago

What If We Farmed The Way We Fish?

Great little animation from WWF Canada makes you think about how we get our seafood.

littleweapons 6 years ago

Well Dressed Monkey Goes To Ikea

A monkey in a coat was found at an Ikea in Toronto. It's not that weird, it is really cold here right now.

littleweapons 6 years ago

Does A Bear Mascot In The Woods?

So Target is moving up to Canada and they bought all the locations of an 80ish year old department store here called Zellers. So now everything at Zellers must go even their mascot, Zeddy the bear.

littleweapons 7 years ago

The Original Hunger Game

survival of the fattest

littleweapons 7 years ago

Get A Phone Call From A Real Live Granny

and she will tell you to put on a sweater.

littleweapons 7 years ago

More Underwear Means More Freedom

the more pairs of underwear you have, the less often you have to do laundry, the more time you have to do strange things.

littleweapons 7 years ago

Canadian Ad Agency Makes The Move To Catvertising

Cats everywhere -- sell me things!

littleweapons 8 years ago

What is This Pug Thinking?

I assume it's wondering why nature made it's face so flat.

littleweapons 8 years ago

The Mayor of Toronto Rob F@#king Ford Berates 911 Dispatcher

Toronto's 911 dispatchers accuse the city's mayor, Rob Ford, of hurling a string of profanity at them during an emergency call.

littleweapons 8 years ago

10 Righteous Pumpkin Mash-Ups

I never would have thought it tasteful to put Whoopi and Chewbacca together, but, for the sake of this stencil project, I'd say it works well. You can get the stencils here.

Jkerr 8 years ago

Insane Pumpkin Stencils. "PumpKim Jong Il" Just About Says It All.

Pumpkin stencils from every pop culture/meme/ avenue you could think of.

littleweapons 8 years ago

These Hot Guys Love Your Boobs

For real. Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder, an app that gives you regular reminders to check your breasts from a hot guy of your choice.

littleweapons 8 years ago

Last Seasons Winners

gotta get this on a t-shirt

littleweapons 8 years ago

Pug Playing Air Drums

Pug plays air drums is super cute.

littleweapons 8 years ago

Its a Dachshund in a Bread Tube!

if only there was a more clever way for me to word this. lets pretend his name is frank

littleweapons 9 years ago