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Human Toddler Plays With Gorilla Toddler At Zoo

When a little toddler boy met up with a toddler gorilla, they had no idea they were both about to become the stars of one of the cutest videos out there on the internet! These two new best friends certainly have an adorable rapport with each other, and when you watch what the little gorilla... View Article

Studies Reveal Cracking Your Knuckles May Not Be As Bad As You Think

You've likely heard — again and again to the point that it's been branded into your mind — that cracking your knuckles is awful for you and will lead to any number of irreversible ailments. A recent study is about to change everything you know about this annoying, albeit satisfying habit. As BuzzFeed Blue points... View Article

Man Utilizes The Power Of The Internet After He Sees Someone Mistreat A Vet

Everyone deserves kindness and respect — but certain folks stand apart from the rest, including police officers, firemen, EMTs, teachers, and veterans. Veterans have not only risked their lives to protect our freedom — like young Ross McGinnis, who saved his entire platoon from death — but their mental and emotional health as well. Because of this, when many veterans return... View Article

Flying Spiders Are Here To Haunt Your Every Nightmare

In what can only be described as a cruel joke by Mother Nature, scientists have reportedly discovered a new species of spider that are here to haunt your wildest dreams: gliding spiders. I repeat: Gliding, airborne spiders are a thing that definitely exist. These spiders, native to Panama and Peru, were tested by researchers for their mid-air... View Article

This Husky Pup Makes The Most Hilarious Baby Noises

Well, here's something you definitely don't see everyday... Here at LittleThings, we've just about seen it all when it comes to animals doing some pretty crazy things. It's not easy to come across a "first," but this next video is exactly that. We've been seeing a lot of animals making crazy noises lately (A marmot... View Article

Obama To New Orleans 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: “You Inspire Me”

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, our nation remembers the horrific natural disaster that ravished a New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It also, however, honors the incredible bravery of the men, women, and children who rebuilt their communities from the ground up. This week, a decade after the catastrophe, President Obama stood before the... View Article

Hero Boy Saves Drowning Girl In A Powerful New Ad

Sometimes, the lessons we learn as children prove their value years later, and when we least expect it. The video below is gaining lots of attention online for its powerful and potentially life-saving message. The brand new ad below, created by Scouts South Africa and Cape Town agency Not Norm, may be short and simple --... View Article

This Fun Quiz Tests Your Ability To Detect Different Shades Of Color!

As someone who loves to decorate, I take great pride in my knowledge of colors: I know the subtle difference between turquoise and teal, that yellow and purple go fabulously together, and that black and brown should never mix. But when I came across this little quiz, I lost a little bit of my self-confidence when... View Article

Celtic Thunder Has Fans In Tears When They Sing “Hallelujah”

I would bet you’ve heard this song 100 times in your lifetime, maybe more, but after hearing this version, you may never hear it the same again! Leonard Cohen’s iconic and eternally beautiful song, “Hallelujah”, has been covered by everyone from this singing clown to Jon Bon Jovi and everyone in between... And for good... View Article

Blind Mom Takes Care Of 3 Kids In Total Darkness

Nicole is a thirty-something Utah woman who lives with her loving husband and takes care of their three children. Nicole is also blind. Though Nicole is a stay-at-home mom who cares for three kids in total darkness, her blindness doesn't keep her from her passion: cooking. While Brandon is at work, he finds ways to fuel Nicole's... View Article

Daredevil Band Puts On Epic Concert While Dangling From A Bridge

There is nothing more exciting than going to see your favorite musician live. Regardless of if you are in the front row or the nosebleed section, you are surrounded by other people who are all just as excited as you are and get to sing along to your favorite songs with the artist! There are... View Article

Family Stuns Crowds With Amazing Mirrored Costumes

In just about every major city around the world, you will find street performers. Day and night, rain or shine, people come to local hot spots and famous landmarks to show off their talents and hopefully make a little money. Some of these performers are aspiring musicians, actors, magicians, and artists — and others come to show... View Article

A Man Has A Heart Attack As He Mows His Lawn. Firefighters Finish His Yard.

No job is too big or small for a firefighter. These brave men and women rush into homes ablaze on a regular basis to save those in need. And even when the job isn’t battling a blazing inferno, firefighters are constantly doing small heroic acts of kindness that make a big impact lots of folks’... View Article

Lone Pup Goes Rogue During Weiner Dog Race

This past weekend, a Weiner Dog Race took place on the baseball field in El Paso, TX. The results? Hilarious... Adorable... And oh-so worthy of a viral video! What began with eight dachshunds running for the title of fastest weiner dog — and the winner of $500 — ended with one particular pup literally running the show. Five of the competitors eventually... View Article

Puppy Thinks She’s Smaller Than She Is, Gets Stuck In Cat Tower

Dogs are very smart, but they can still manage to find themselves in some pretty hilarious situations. After one pet owner had bought a new tower for the cats to climb, their rescue dog, Eve, decided she wanted in on the action. When the pup's owner left the room, Eve tried to climb into the cat... View Article

Two Dancers Perform To Christian Song “Spirit Break Out” In Perfectly Choreographed Dance

These two young dancers have released one of the most amazing dance videos you could ever hope to watch. The video begins simply enough, two ballet dancers are standing in the center of the stage. The beautiful blue lights brighten a bit, but the two dancers still remain in the relative dark; That's when everything completely... View Article

Father Surprises Entire Family, Joins Son On Stage For Unforgettable Dance Performance

Performing hits from Bruno Mars to Michael Jackson, Anthony Maywright knew he had a magical number — but a last-minute decision turned his talent show routine into one the audience would never forget! Originally, he had planned to do the performance with two of his friends, but a few weeks before the actual show, one of... View Article

Kindhearted Officer Helps Homeless Mother, Child Flee From Abusive Husband

Last week, Corporal Che' Atkinson noticed a woman sitting in the lobby of their police station early one morning. She had a little girl with her, and several bags. The woman said she was okay, but something just didn't sit well with Corporal Atkinson -- so he kept the conversation going. The more he continued... View Article

Dog Reunites With Owner After Being Missing For 20 Months

If you're a dog owner, chances are this next scenario has happened to you at least once... And one time was probably enough. Nearly two years ago, a delivery man unknowingly made a mistake that changed the Karl family of Pittsburgh, PA's lives forever. The man left a gate open and the family's beloved golden retriever-collie... View Article

Little Boy Plays With His Newborn Shih Tzu Puppy

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Because I'm not sure it gets much sweeter than this... It's no secret that we're pretty big fans of man's best friend here at LittleThings, especially when they're teeny weeny little cutie pies like the one in this next video. If you've seen the tiny pup in this... View Article