21 Must-Have Foods For When You Watch The “Gilmore Girls” Revival

    "This is what we've been training for our whole lives."

    1. Coffee

    Let's be real, the show will hit Netflix at 12:01am PT, and you'll need to guarantee that you can make it through all four 90-minute episodes in one go. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED. Although sheer anticipation should be enough to power you through.

    2. Pizza

    Endless amounts.

    3. Cake


    4. Indian Food

    5. Burritos

    6. Tacos

    Me too Rory, me too.

    7. Macaroni and Cheese

    8. Burgers

    9. Sandwiches

    10. Danishes

    If Danish Day is also November 25th then yes it is.

    11. Pie

    I'm sure Lorelai prefers that it's boysenberry but any will do, really.

    12. Cookies

    13. Pop Tarts

    Ignore the apple, those aren't allowed.

    14. Doughnuts

    15. Pudding

    To only be served in a crystal bowl.

    16. Red Vines and Marshmallows

    And whatever junk food you may spot on the table.

    17. Dessert Sushi

    18. Mallomars

    They're not just to be had on birthdays.

    19. Kit Kats

    20. Ice Cream

    21. And Chinese Food

    Of course there's other things, like popcorn, chips, and Twinkies.

    No matter what you choose for your feast, just remember prepare in advance.


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