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    Essential Life Rules The Kardashians Taught The World

    Because let's be real, no other TV family has ever given us as much guidance and sage wisdom as the Kardashian Krew.

    There's a Time and a Place for Selfies

    Keep Everything in Perspective


    Just because first world problems exist doesn't mean there aren't people dying somewhere!

    Make Time For "Me Time"


    One must always remember to "treat yo' self"



    *Note: the respect rule counts double when dealing with a Lord*

    Never Laugh At Someone's Ugly Crying Face


    *Note: exceptions will be made in the case of Kim, because let's face it, her crying face is literally THE BEST*

    Image is Everything

    Subtlety Is Overrated


    Go big or go home #YOLO

    Always Live Within Your Means


    Save The Drama For Your Mama

    Expanding Your Vocabulary Can Be Fun!

    Embrace Your Special Talents


    Even if they are probably not a real thing

    Always Keep Each Other Accountable


    Passive aggressive sarcasm generally works best

    Being Affectionate is Key

    Make The Most Of Your Youth

    Admitting Your Weaknesses is a Good Thing

    But Most Importantly...

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