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10 Times Steve Harvey's Soul Collapsed On "Family Feud"

Survey says: "HANG IN THERE, STEVE!"

1. The moment he realized he could never trust a pilot again.

GSN / Via

BRB, never flying again.

2. The moment when he lost all faith in women everywhere.

AZ TV 7 / Via


3. The moment when this classic horror tale took turn for the worst.

GSN / Via

Well that escalated quickly...

4. The moment he realized this really had gone too far.

The Chive / Via

Pray 4 Steve.

5. The moment when he just shut down.

GSN / Via

Speechless Steve is a sad Steve.

6. The moment when even the contestant knew he had failed.

GSN / Via

His eyes say it all. JUDGING YOU.

7. The moment he realized just how crazy cat ladies can be.

GSN / Via

Those tears aren't for you lady!

8. The moment he just gave up.

GSN / Via

You know he's thinking it.

9. The moment he encountered the hard truth about Brad Pitt.

GSN / Via


10. And the moment he came THIS close to hurting a contestant.

GSN / Via

How dare you insult this man's mustache! It's an American treasure!

We love you, Steve!

GSN / Via

Thanks for putting up with us, Steve.

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