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29 Signs You've Studied Abroad In Barcelona

Gimme my patatas bravas dammit!

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1. Not being surrounded by modernista architecture and Gaudí's beautiful designs anymore makes you question the current state of the world.

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2. You don't fit into any of your summer clothes anymore because of all the tapas and patatas bravas that you ate.

3. You flirted with the bartender at Chupitos constantly to give you free shots.

Warner Bros.

4. Despite the pain, you would give anything to go back to those hungover mornings after the free all-you-can-drink dinners at Shoko.

5. You won't leave your house for anything because it's not around the corner and it's not constantly 70 degrees and sunny.

6. You had a strong reaction when you had to go back to taking real classes rather than silly Spanish university ones.

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7. Opium, Shoko, Otto. Enough said.

8. You tried to play fútbol with your host brother's friends one time. It didn't go so well.

Fox / Via

9. Hungover brunch with your friends at Brunch & Cake helped you survive those weekends.

10. You get visibly upset whenever someone invites you to pregame at 9 PM. Way too early.

Dreamworks / Via

11. You constantly got friend requests from Barcelona club promoters.


12. Once the weather hits 80 degrees, your instinct is to go to the beach and day drink sangria.

13. You've acquired a strange taste for club music and reggaeton.

14. When you visited your friends in Florence and Rome, there was a brief moment when you wished you studied abroad there. Then you realized how fat you would've gotten and that the parties are much better in Barcelona.


15. You hated the metro and all the smelly people on it, but it was a necessary evil. Besides, that countdown until the next train was awesome.

16. You pretended to know nothing when the bouncer at Razzmatazz asked if you were the girl who tried to sneak in last weekend without paying the cover.

17. Despite their size, you were addicted to café con leches for their espresso power.

Disney / Via

18. You seriously struggled during those all-Spanish presentations. Como que what?


19. You were constantly stuck behind slow walkers every single damn day.


20. Someone tried to explain to you that Catalan was just a dialect of Spanish and you laughed in their face.

21. You were the only one of your friends who didn't get pickpocketed and firmly believe that it should go on your diploma.

22. You constantly struggled to interact with hot Europeans whose language you didn't speak.

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23. Otto Zutz with all the other Americans was a necessary rite of the week.

The CW

24. If you wore heels out that night, there was approximately a 95% chance that you would eat shit on the cobblestones.

25. Having Europe at your disposal was incredible. Those Ryanair 25 euro flights didn't hurt either.

26. You convinced at least one friend who visited to do the Monica Lewinsky at Chupitos.

27. Every weekend felt something like this...

Warner Bros.

28. When you had to leave, you were so happy to return home but so depressed to be leaving such an amazing and incredible city.

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29. Barcelona will always have a special place in your heart, and you cannot wait to return.

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