A Compilation Of Reasons To Love Ryan Stiles

In honor of the best news possible: Whose Line Is It Anyway is returning to television! What a babe. Seriously. (Serious props to my favorite Tumblr on the internet.)

1. Come on. Don’t pretend you don’t want this.

He’s practically flawless.

2. He’d come to the camera…

just so you’d get to feel like you were close to him.

3. And he’d woo you with his reaction to any of his quirky identities.

4. The friendship…

5. The laughter…

6. And, most of all, the love

(Time to admit this is almost as much of an ode to Colin Mochrie…)

7. Seriously, the love these two shared!

The greatest bromance of all time

8. And the looks between these two.

Like this!

…or even when he was on the green screen and Colin got to rip on him.

11. Ryan even makes a fairly convincing fish.

12. Or a convincing egg!

(This is not the background on my phone…)

13. He’s an especially convincing “Waffle Cat”

but that may have to do with him creating such a thing.

14. And also an incredibly convincing deer.

15. Ryan can even be a giddy little girl!

16. Don’t forget this adorable moment!

When he accidentally dripped water on himself and had to film the rest of the episode trying to hide his accident.

17. Ryan Stiles can even help teach kids about evolution!

What can’t Ryan do?

18. And his worst look…

…kissing anyone but you (or Colin). Gross.

19. Bonus! Just for laughs.

One of the funnier things I’ve seen on Whose Line Is It Anyway?

20. Another bonus?!

(Only because I needed an excuse to look at the handsome Jeff Davis.)

21. Oh, Ryan

Thank you for all the laughs!

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