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Flick Through The Pages Of "Class Of The Killer Clowns" Yearbook

You'll never look at Ronald McDonald in the same way again...

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Class of the Killer Clowns

"Class of the Killer Clown" has been a spiteful and deadly collective of individuals, who have excelled at shedding blood and instigating hair raising screams.

They are extremely dedicated in seeking revenge, and will only stop at final breath to achieve their life altering goals.

We are confident that this group of menacing clowns will continue to haunt the nightmares of thousands for many years to come, and will make their names known as both entertainers and killers...

Join us as we flick through the pages of terrifying Yearbook- "Class of the Killer Clown"

2. Richard “STITCHES” Grindle


Class of: 2012

Best performance: Stitches, Bad Clown

Three words to describe… Total. Party. Animal.

Most likely to… Never forget your birthday

Clubs… Cycling

Quotes.. You’ll die laughing

3. Pennywise “The Dancing Clown”

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Class of: 1960

Best performance: Stephen King’s It

Four words to describe… man of many forms

Most likely to… prey on your fears

Clubs… Dance

Quotes.. Don't you want a... balloon?

4. and 5. Cutter AKA “Captain Spaulding” and Twisty

Class of: 1936

Best performances: House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects

Three words to describe… Fried. Chicken. Lover

Most likely to… own a museum of monsters and madmen

Clubs… Photography

Quotes.. You like blood? Violence? Freaks of nature?

Class of: 1950

Best performance: American Horror Story: Freak Show

Three words to describe: Evil. Deranged. Smile

Most likely to.... Abduct little boys and wayward young women

Clubs... Costume and make up

Quotes... A silent killer

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