23 Cats That Will Help You Tolerate The New Miley Cyrus Song

The whole world is feeling a little Miley’d out. But just wait until you see these cats making “23” a little more tolerable.

1. This cat is in the club high off Purp

I know, I know. Just stop it with the Miley.

2. These cats are in the club with some shades on

They’re so “fresh”.

3. This cat is tatted up

Just a tiger wearing a cat shirt. So meta.

4. These cats are wearing mini skirts

In the club, duh, because everyone wears mini skirts in the club.

5. This cat has Js on his feet


6. These cats are in the club

As you can see, they’re with that guy.

7. These cats are standing on the couch

All OVER the couch.

8. And pretend like it’s their house

Try telling this cat it’s NOT his house.

9. They drink out of the bottle

And the whole case.

10. Like they got no respect

Cats respect no one.

11. Looking like a model


12. They back it up

As cats do.

13. Like they don’t give a f*ck

No f*cks were given by this cat. None.

14. This cat is MC Hammer fly

Just Paula Deen on a flying cat.

15. So fly you can’t touch (this)

Nor should you if you’ve just had surgery.

16. This cat put on her Js

And then fell asleep.

17. And danced the whole night away

And danced, danced, danced.

18. This cat is naughty by nature

And a little bit of a floozy.

19. Like they’re hip-hop hooray

20. This cats’ hands are in the sky

21. This cat is waving ‘em from side to side

With a duck. Your argument is invalid.

22. Their feet are on the floor

23. They’re about to turn up now

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?

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