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36 Reasons You Didn't Go To That Party This Weekend

I mean, you wanted to. But failed.

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1. You pregamed too hard.

2. You couldn't pregame. You were out of booze. Stores were closed. Too poor to buy more anyway.

3. No one you knew was going / Via

and you don't like dancing on your own...that much.

4. Your phone was charging

5. You lacked material resources

6. You forgot where the party was and ended up on Facebook for half an hour...

7. ...then logged off but forgot whose party it was and ended up on Facebook again.

8. You found out that guy you've been avoiding was going...

tumblr / Via

And so were his friends

9. ...annnndd those girls you hate.

tumblr / Via

10. Everyone there was older than you

Via tumblr

11. Everyone there was younger than you


12. You tried putting on makeup but got distracted watching 45 Michelle Phan tutorials

She's so pretty and talented and loveable / Via

She's so pretty and talented and loveable

13. Nude pumps?

tumblr / Via

You hate nude pumps but everyone looks good in them.

14. Couldn't decide which bag to bring

Via tumblr

15. Checked the weather. It was cold.

tumblr / Via

16. And there was potential for rain.

tumblr / Via

17. You gave the last of your cash to the delivery guy

tumblr / Via

18. Too much delivery = food baby.

tumblr / Via

Can't roll in with rolls.

19. You maxed out your credit card

20. You had only one piece of gum left.

Via tumblr

No, can't.

21. You didn't feel like competing with skanks

or looking at them

or looking at them

22. and you weren't in the mood to flirt to get free drinks.

tumblr / Via tumblr

23. You read the venue's yelp review

Via tumblr

24. You started watching SVU.

tumblr / Via tumblr


25. You thought about late night subways

26. and how hard life is when you're hot and you ride subways

27. and subways in general.

Via tumblr

28. But... cabs = expensive traffic jams that are bad for the environment.

Via tumblr

29. Your "girlfriend" paid you a surprise visit.

30. You were too busy f*cking around with your cat.

31. You discovered how much you love your new laundry detergent

tumblr / Via tumblr

32. then you finally found something you wanted to wear

tumblr / Via

33. You got hungry again, chugged cooking wine and made more food

34. Then you started thinking about your feelings

Via tumblr

35. Made and/or got a booty call / Via tumblr

36. and watched sh*tty shows on Netflix and Hulu before your free trials expired at midnight. / Via tumblr

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