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22 Reasons You Secretly Want To Go To Grad School

B-school, law school, med school, hell - journalism school: TBH, a college re-do is worth the debt.

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4. Student discounts.

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5. To learn more stuff than other people and be called like a Fellow or grant winner or something.

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6. So you can put 40 initials after your name.

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DO IT. It's not tacky and nobody will think you're a pretentious prick. At all.

7. So you can secretly think you're kinda better than people who don't have grad degrees...

8. Because #sweats.

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F*ck business casual. And suits. Sweats are acceptable as long as they have college logos all over them. School pride!

9. Day drinking. Night drinking. In the school building and library drinking. Your brain is working harder – SO SHOULD YOUR LIVER.

10. You miss pulling all-nighters (and having all-nighter parties) with your friends.


It's the best way to bond.

11. Partying with people your own age.

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Everyone is of drinking age. Maybe they're even married or starting a second career. Just. Like. You. So get to it. Also, it's not called partying when you're in grad school. It's called NETWORKING.

12. So you can hit on undergrads.

13. So you can hit on professors.

14. Or just have a little bit of an easier time dating.

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People are sort of vetted...and you spent your entire undergrad career with that one person...

15. You want to meet the future Mrs. [Your Last Name Here] or get your Mrs. degree.

16. You want to meet and be around everyone...who's just like you.

17. You want a better college football team than the one at your alma mater.

18. You want to not necessarily wake up at the same time every day or go to bed at the same time every night.

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19. and take I-N-T-R-A-D-A-Y N-A-P-S.

20. Travel for an actual purpose.

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"Studying how soccer impacts the economy and culture of a tiny island near Bali that the world hasn't heard about yet but will after you publish your thesis." It's like going on vacation, without using vacation days.

21. Need to explain a really long vacation...from employment. #employmentgapsonresumesareanono


"It's a tough market."

22. OK actually, you don't want to work. At all.


The real world can wait! Just a little longer!

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