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Road Safety Charity Uses CGI To Bring 5 Children Back To Life.

Five New Zealanders are lost on our roads every week. Their families don’t just lose a loved one. They lose everything that person could have become. Using the science of forensic age progression combined with the artistry of WETA digital, road safety charity Brake created five portraits of people who were denied their potential, as they would look today. These portraits serve as a haunting reminder of what just one decision can cost.

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Samuel died when he was 7 years old.

Weta Digital & Y&RNZ / Via

Samuel was a quiet, caring and sensitive 7 year old. He tried hard at most things, felt responsible for his brothers and sister, and preferred to be in the background rather than be the star.

He was good with his hands and loved to make and build things like tree huts. He loved his Duplo electric train, and dinosaurs, especially the Brachiosaurus.

Samuel was playing in his family’s front yard with his best friend when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed through their fence. He was critically injured and died in his mother’s arms.

Today, Samuel would be 25.

See how the family responds

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