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    15 Tweets From The Slack Apocalypse

    I am incredibly amazed to see the mass amount of Tweets about today's Slack outage. The sheer volume of Tweets is definitely a good sign that Slack has caught on to say the least. In San Francisco, Slack quickly became the trending topic on Twitter. This also proves how crucial Slack is to the workflow the many companies that use it. Here are 15 great Tweets from the Slack Apocalypse.Click To Share This On Twitter


    when you find out Slack is your single point of failure for deploys


    Slack CEO to investor: “Watch how powerful we are…Bill, hit the button.” *slack goes down* CEO: “Now open Twitter.” Investor: $$$$$



    perhaps their tech department should (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) pick up the slack


    The @SlackHQ engineers right now


    When @SlackHQ is down and you're a distributed team, it feels even worse. I'm so alone.


    Guysguysguys, it's ok. #slack had a problem 45 years ago. Dec 31st, 1969, at 4pm PST


    Working remotely. Slack is down. I’ve. Never. Felt. So. Alone.


    Slack’s down. Do I get the rest of the day off?


    in the old days when Slack went down we formed a roving gang of marauders and relentlessly overhyped anything that moved. publish or perish


    Slack isn't down. You've been fired.


    An entire nation grinds to a halt ... #slack



    I just CALLED someone at a remote office because Slack is down.


    @SlackHQ You guys are the best, I know you'll have it up soon, and just know that we love you and support you. #slackHQ Rocks.

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