LinsaneMane We are a group of High School teenagers that love to make awesome trick shots, I am looking to become viral on Youtube. My Youtube Channel Link: Follow us on Twitter:
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  • Frisbee Trick Shot

    This is a Frisbee Trick Shot I made, It is pretty amazing, It took my days, and days to make. This shot goes into a 10 foot basketball hoop from a long distance, using the Hammer throw. So I would appreciate it if you checked out this video!!!

  • Basketball Trick Shots

    Were bringing you Trick Shot Basketball, our shots are quite awesome, insane, and all that good stuff. We worked on these basketball shots over the course of the summer, so check them out, and Subscribe!!!

  • Amazing Out The Window Basketball Trick Shot!!!

    LinsaneMane is taking it to another level doing a Basketball Trick Shot, Out of a two story window!!! This took a lot of time, and effort, please Subscribe, I promise this is not even close to the best shot we have. We are in the works of a video full of multiple amazing shots, and you will be dazzled, so don’t miss this amazing video!

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