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    Here Are Some Fun Swedish Sayings You Should Start Using

    Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.

    1. Han har inte rent mjöl i påsen — He doesn't have clean flour in his bag

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    This is basically the Swedish version of "He has a skeleton in his closet".

    2. Går som katten kring het gröt – Walks like the cat around hot porridge

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    Swedes don't beat around the bush. Instead, they walk like the cat around hot porridge.

    3. Ingen fara på taket — There is no danger on the roof

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    If you want to calm down a Swede and reassure them that everything is going to be alright, just tell them there is no danger on the roof!

    4. Har inte alla hästar hemma – Don’t have all your horses in the stable

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    If a Swede wants to call someone stupid, he will most likely say that they don't have all the horses in the stable.

    5. Måla fan på väggen – Paint the devil on the wall

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    When someone goes too far, they're painting the devil on the wall.

    6. Ingen ko på isen — There's no cow on the ice

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    This is one of the most popular saying in Sweden and basically means that you shouldn't worry!

    7. Fastnat med skägget i brevlådan — Caught with the beard in the letterbox

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    Keep your nose out of other peoples' business unless you want to get your beard caught in the letterbox.

    8. Du har satt din sista potatis — You have planted your last potato

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    If you wanna threaten a Swede, this is exactly what you should say! It basically means "this is it — there will be not be anymore potatoes planted when i'm done with you"!

    9. Glida in på en räkmacka — Glide in on a shrimp sandwich

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    This is used when someone is privileged and gets everything served on a silver platter.

    10. Farväl — Farewell

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    That's all, folks!

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