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#AliveWhileBlack Hashtag Blows Up Twitter In Response To Baltimore Riots

Pulled over and handcuffed. Police claimed the car was too nice to be his and that he stole it.

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The #AliveWhileBlack hashtag came in response to the #CrimingWhileWhite tag back in 2014 in which white people openly admitted that they don't face the same punishment as black citizens do.

I get the point of #CrimingWhileWhite but I think we need some counter narratives...

And now it's back alongside the Baltimore Riots

Got pulled over for WALKING ON THE SIDEWALK late at night. Immediately asked if I had weed in my pockets. #alivewhileblack

Robbed at gunpoint in my apartment, explain the story to cops and leave, cop gives me paraphernalia ticket. Apt was clean. #AliveWhileBlack

"You sound so well educated and don't talk like them." A lady explained to me once while asking what race I am. #AliveWhileBlack

Before leaving McDonalds, I held the door for a white man. His response was "Thank you Nigger" I was 12. #alivewhileblack

#AliveWhileBlack Exposes Ugly Truths About Everyday Police Racism

Here are some of the original #AliveWhileBlack Tweets

Got raped+robbed. Police took forever to interview me, mentioned that women sometimes lie to hide "gambling, overspending" #AliveWhileBlack

Pulled over w my mom. People think shes white, she was driving. Cops asked for my ID and license "for her protection" #AliveWhileBlack

Crossing the grocery store parking lot. Cops stopped to ask me what I was doing there. I was holding grocery bags. #Alivewhileblack

I was mugged after dropping a friend off late at night after work. the cops harassed me & asked why i was “really there” #alivewhileblack

17 y/o - Drove to Kroger to get mom Nyquil. Pulled over unexplained. Asked why I was in my neighborhood. 4 backup cop cars. #AliveWhileBlack

Brother drove to school. Pulled over and handcuffed. Police claimed the car was too nice to be his and that he stole it. #AliveWhileBlack

Blindsided while riding bike & knocked unconscious. Woke up to cop questioning me. Blood streaming down face. Cop leaves. #AliveWhileBlack

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