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If Jennifer Lawrence Took A Grad Trip

What happens when our favourite girl-next-door goes see the world?

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Something life-changing happened

A break-up, graduation, quarter-life crisis...

The world is a dark, dark place

The only thing that brings you solace is food

To snap out of this depression, you decide to do something life-changing, like taking one of those uber-cool solo trips

Maybe a beach trip to work on your tan and your surf

Visit an exotic Oriental city

Or a tranquil temple to find your zen

Then the night before you travel you realise you've never been out of even the state on your own

On the plane out you try so very hard to seem worldly and sophisticated

But you get sick of small talk about 5 minutes later

Argh, your seat mate can't seem to shut up

Sometimes you get lucky and there's a cute guy next to you

But most times it's just a quiet, geeky guy and when he tries to chat you up, you're like

When you finally meet someone you click with, you spill EVERYTHING

Even all those deep, dark, and very embarrassing dirty lil secrets you have

The next thing you realise, the entire plane/bus/tour group is laughing at you because you new pal is a blabbermouth.

Don't forget the time you got robbed

But by now you're so used to sh*t on the road, you're simply unfazed.

Yes, there will be times you find yourself justifying that travel-fling

And other times you just want to act coy and not give everything away

But when you hear people bragging about their "crazy holiday adventures", you can't help feeling like it's a competition

You won't trade your experiences on the road for anything

You saw the world, and you're a new gal now

What are you waiting for?

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