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Confessions Of A Mermaid

We're counting down to summer.

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Winter is really beautiful

And spring's not too bad either.

But you know there's only one season really for you

That is...

He has spoken

And you will listen

Except autumn/winter/spring made you really sad, and you dealt with it the only way you know.

So instead of lookin' like this

You kind of look more like this:

But true mermaids never give up

And after a couple of work-out seshs...

Finally, you rush down to the beach

To hang with your girls

The ocean is gorgeous

And you're beautiful again

Weirdo on land?

Just go talk to one of your underwater pals.

But the cruel seasons are changing again, and the seas are way too rough.

It's no place for a delicate creature like you.

You know it's time to say good-bye.

So long, summer.

We'd always have that Facebook album.

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