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LINE PLAY Is The Cutest App And We Played It

Prepare yourself for this cuteness.

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My name is Ayla. I played LINE PLAY over the weekend, and these are some things that happened.

I had a "room party" and invited my first avatar friend, Juntae.

The party was fine, but I was thinking about naps the whole time. Juntae told me to decorate my room, get some furniture, and have another party later, with more people. I said, "OK."

I jumped into the rainbow warphole and ended up in a stranger's bedroom. It was decorated with a lot of cats and cat-related objects.

Seriously...there were so many cats in here. I work at BuzzFeed, so I was obviously fine with this. I took a nap here. When you're in someone's "room" you can water their plants, take baths without their permission, eat their food, and clean their furniture for them. I did all of these things.

I went into the "Gacha Shop" and discovered I could pay money to get a random prize in a capsule.

I kept playing and ended up with this really cute pink outfit. Sorry, but look how cute I am! I want this outfit for real life so I can wear it on dates.

There were some "official avatars" I could visit, so I went to see a gingerbread man.

I took another bath and watered his plants, because that's how you score extra gems, to buy more clothes and things. Also, you can never be too clean.

Marriage still on my mind, I played again in the Chinese Wedding Gacha Shop, and I won a Chinese Wedding Table.

Now my house is pretty fancy, and people are coming to visit and take baths. They even water my plants. Life is great!

Images courtesy of LINE PLAY.

And you can download LINE PLAY here!

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