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10 Avatars We Wish We Could Meet In Real Life

Let's make them come to life, please.

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LINE PLAY has all these adorable avatar creatures and humans wandering around, and we wandered around and met them.

But here's the thing: We kinda wish we could meet them in real life too.

2. Avatar PSY

We'd lurk behind him (see above) and learn how to do all of his dances. Then we'd ask him if he wanted to go and get pizza in New York. He would say yes because PSY loves pizza, and also New York.

6. Cherng Guy

This one lives in a black-and-white room, so we'd invite him into the real world so he can experience colors. We'd also ask him why he wears a diaper and a bear hoodie. We're not judging, though.

All images courtesy of LINE PLAY

Download LINE PLAY to create your own avatar and eat pancakes with a monkey!

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You can do all the other things too, of course. And you will avatar-iffic time.