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    • LinearBob

      I went from slip cuing at KSJS to doing the same thing at an AM station not far away physically, but light years away psychologically and musically, butIGOT PAID FOR IT! AndIstill remember gettingaphone call from some folks working inacannery (a group of fork truck drivers working in the warehouse) asking me ifIcould keep that AM station on the air past midnight because they liked the music. That was really touching because those folks worked their asses off while allIhad to do was keep the music flowing (while ignoring the “format clock” the PD posted in the control room). What none of us knew then was that little1KW AM was not supposed to make money because it wasa”tax shelter” only none of us working there knew that at the time. But for me, that was my first paying job off campus, working in real RADIO!

    • LinearBob

      You sure got it right in #21 about the room where most of the station staff would hang out between classes. KSJS, when I was there, had an institutional beige room with some institutional waiting room style chairs and tables. The flow of people through that room was amazing, as was the record library in the next room, although not many people hung out in the record library because there wasn’t much space between the stacks. But broadcasting on 90.7 FM with all of 85 watts from high atop Mount Library was like nothing else we ever did. And when someone called into the station from 20 miles away, we were thrilled to know someone outside of downtown San Jose actually heard us. And yes, we had a creepy caller named “Denny” (a high school kid then) who would call the station once or twice a week and ask us why our station ID was 15 seconds late!

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