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21 Reasons Cows Are Actually Awesome

Bonafide bovines ahead.

1. They will always give a nuzzle to those in need.

2. They are accomplished street performers.

3. They will always give you a bite of their apple. As long as you don't mind slobber.

4. Feelin' sad? They will bless you with a Cow Kiss*!

5. They can be real fuzzy and fun to look at.

6. They will politely give up their seat for a fawn.

7. They are open to learning more about other animal cultures.

8. They also went through an angsty teenager phase...

9. ... as well as an awkward phase.

10. They are beautiful dreamers.

11. They're not afraid of mackin' on your face.

12. They're real curious 'bout penguins. And vice versa!

13. Dat face.

14. They really know how to unwind.


16. They appreciate some good grooming.

17. They wear the mantle of Style Expert with casual grace and subtlety.

18. They are one of the few animals who will not judge you for your selfie.

19. They are very curious about new people/creatures.

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20. They have no qualms about photobombing because they live to entertain.

21. They're just so darn sweet.

... Sometimes their coolness can make the other farm animals a little insecure, though.