15 Reasons Milania Giudice Is The True Star Of “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”

Teresa Giudice’s daughter may only be eight years old, but she has been stealing the spotlight as The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s biggest diva since she was in diapers.

1. 1. She knows she looks good.

Bravo / Via amanda-bella.com

Confidence is key.

2. 2. And she’s not afraid to go to extreme measures to stay glamorous.

Beauty is pain.

3. 3. She doesn’t apologize for who she is.

Bad bitch contest, she in first place.

4. 4. And she won’t change for anyone.

If you got it, flaunt it.

5. 5. She takes command of any situation.

Bravo / Via giphy.com

Biggest diva on the playground.

6. 6. Milania is not afraid of haters.

As the wise Kevin G once said, “don’t let the haters stop you from doin your thang.”

7. 7. She WILL call you out.

I would not suggest crossing her.

8. 8. She is an independent diva who doesn’t need a man.

All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me.

9. 9. Milania works for no one.

If she gets married she will be the queen of the cul de sac.

10. 10. She laughs at her own jokes.

Her insults are second to none.

11. 11. She’s the talk of the town.

People always talkin.

12. 12. She’s knows what she wants.


13. 13. And she goes after it.

Bravo / Via tumblr.com

14. 14. Or has someone get it for her as a true diva often does.

She redefines “hangry.”

15. 15. And she’ll stay there forever because she is the small but mighty diva we can’t help but love.

You flip that hair little lady.

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