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19 Times Hair And Makeup Were Actually The Worst In High School

Step away from the tweezers.

1. Not being able to find the right shade of foundation. / Via

"Get a winter foundation. That makeup your mom got you in July does not look good in December." —Submitted by tdolev

2. And trying to cover pimples with that wrong foundation, making for a goddamn mess.

"Acne is not going to get any better by submerging it with foundation. And on that note, getting two shades darker doesn't make you look tan, it only makes you look orange!" —Submitted by victoriag41e63f984

3. Going to town with a pair of tweezers in the worst way. / Via

"For the love of God, step away from the tweezers." —Submitted by Amanda Flower (Facebook)

4. And forgetting that professionals who actually specialize in brows exist.

"Get your eyebrows done professionally, instead of over-plucking and looking like Ronald McDonald." —Submitted by natalieg4be7e2687

5. Drawing your eyeliner on so thick... / Via

"Although you may think heavy black eyeliner is cool, you actually look like a raccoon, or some kind of zombie. You will look back and cringe. Embrace the way you look without all of the heavy makeup; you are beautiful the way you are."

—Submitted by Alexthesweetpea

6. the point where you can't tell where your eyeliner begins and where your eyes end.

"Don't use so much eyeliner all around your eyes! It makes your eyes look smaller. You don't want tiny eyes, do you?" —Submitted by elizabethh467fd11ff

7. Not knowing how this whole eyeshadow thing is supposed to work. / Via

"Leave the frosted eyeshadow in 1999 where it belongs!" —Submitted by Erikat021

8. Especially not knowing where you should even be putting it.

"Eyeshadow does not belong under your eyes, especially purple." —Submitted by Amy Hope (Facebook)

9. Same goes for lipstick.

"Light blue metallic lipstick goes well with nothing. NOTHING."

—Submitted by Claudia Albrecht (Facebook)

10. And realizing your lip color isn't doing you any favors.

"That lipstick is NOT as natural as it looks… Bright pink is NOT a 'my lips but better' shade." —Submitted by emmys2002.

11. Neglecting to use the right hair products.

"Hair products were invented for a reason. And PLEASE stop brushing your dry hair! I have naturally very thin/wavy hair, which my 17-year-old self either loved to straighten, but never used hair products to keep it that way, or else tried to tame by brushing. Cue massive frizziness!" —Submitted by Naomi Mallory (Facebook)

12. Or just making your hair look way overdone.

"I used to get up two and a half hours before school to do my hair. Perfect curls are not important. Sleep is." —Submitted by gumisperfection

13. Not being able to nail this whole self-tanner thing.

"Self tanner will ALWAYS make you look orange. And then when it starts coming off days later you WILL look like you have a contagious skin issue." —Submitted by macb46f7a03fb

14. Hiding your figure beneath giant clothing. / Via

"Girl, you are way cuter and thinner than you think you are. Please burn half your wardrobe and buy things that actually show off your figure. Shortcut: JUST LISTEN TO MOM." —Submittied by Chelsea Collier Zych (Facebook)

15. Because we thought it'll somehow just cover everything up.

"Baggy sweatshirts don't hide your curves, they actually make you look bigger."

—Submitted by Lyndsie Mobilla-Brenan (Facebook)

16. Forgetting three key letters: SPF.

"The top of your head CAN get sunburned! Learned that lesson the hard way -_-."

—Submitted by MusicisLove

17. And suffering through the worst burn.

"Apply sunscreen like there's no tomorrow." —Submitted by amia474367ed0

18. Two words: Box. Dye.

"Semipermanent red hair dye is not actually semipermanent. You're in for the long haul on that choice." —Submitted by Sarah Cohen (Facebook)

19. Or just dyeing the crap out of your hair.

"For the love of god stop bleaching your hair or you'll end up wondering why it's all falling out." —Submitted by morgant4f9893583

At least the past is behind us.

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