19 Times Hair And Makeup Were Actually The Worst In High School

    Step away from the tweezers.

    1. Not being able to find the right shade of foundation.

    2. And trying to cover pimples with that wrong foundation, making for a goddamn mess.

    3. Going to town with a pair of tweezers in the worst way.

    4. And forgetting that professionals who actually specialize in brows exist.

    5. Drawing your eyeliner on so thick...

    6. ...to the point where you can't tell where your eyeliner begins and where your eyes end.

    7. Not knowing how this whole eyeshadow thing is supposed to work.

    8. Especially not knowing where you should even be putting it.

    9. Same goes for lipstick.

    10. And realizing your lip color isn't doing you any favors.

    11. Neglecting to use the right hair products.

    12. Or just making your hair look way overdone.

    13. Not being able to nail this whole self-tanner thing.

    14. Hiding your figure beneath giant clothing.

    15. Because we thought it'll somehow just cover everything up.

    16. Forgetting three key letters: SPF.

    17. And suffering through the worst burn.

    18. Two words: Box. Dye.

    19. Or just dyeing the crap out of your hair.

    At least the past is behind us.