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    17 Awful Things That Happen When You Get Ready In The Summer

    Feelin' hot, hot, hot.

    1. It's impossible to know the difference between water and sweat when you get out of the shower...

    2. ...which makes you question the last 30 minutes of your life.

    3. The boob sweat starts shortly thereafter.

    4. And you're going to leave your ~mark~ throughout the day.

    5. Putting makeup on while sweating is a goddamn mess.

    6. Especially when it practically melts off after a few minutes.

    7. Blow-drying your hair in the heat actually feels like a hellish inferno...

    8. ...which makes you wonder why you even dried it in the first place.

    9. And even if you spend tons of time on your hair...

    10. ...chances are it eventually looks like this.

    11. Putting on clothes when you're sweaty is WORK.

    12. So clothing options tend to be pretty limited.

    13. Especially when you go from the sweltering outdoors to the FREEZING indoors.

    14. And don't know what the hell you're supposed to wear.

    15. Summertime = wearing less clothing = having to shave all. the. damn. time.

    16. Which ends up being a PROJECT.

    17. But eventually you just embrace the hotness.

    'Cause we're all in this sweaty season together.

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