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    Apr 11, 2014

    24 Signs Your Life Revolves Around Snacks

    As told by Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks.

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    1. You experience undeniably powerful emotions regarding food.

    2. And you use flowery, hyperbolic language when describing exquisite taste sensations.

    3. You schedule your plans around when you get to eat.

    4. This is the most important question you'll ask all day:

    5. And when it comes to food, you don't have to be asked twice.

    6. You can’t imagine doing anything serious before having a snack first.

    7. And when times are tough and you need someone by your side, food is who you call.

    8. Ninety percent of your conversations with friends end up being about how great food is.

    9. And you encourage others to embrace food the way that you do.

    10. But when you and your friends sit down to eat, you don't speak for a while out of respect for the feast in front of you.

    11. You have super-specific preferences for all your favorite meals.

    12. But even if a meal isn’t exactly to your liking, you’ll still love it for trying.

    13. You're willing to experiment with unusual flavor combinations in order to maximize your snacking experience.

    14. But you also worship a classic meal.

    15. Your soulmate will know and love your most specific snacking preferences.

    16. And when you do meet someone with the same LITERAL tastes as you, you eyes fill with wonderment.

    17. When you get hungry, you accidentally blurt out types of food instead of relevant words.

    18. You even occasionally borderline hallucinate about food, which only enhances your existence.

    19. Wasting even a tiny morsel of your food of choice would only happen in your wildest and most terrifying dreams.

    20. The phrase “that’s too much food” is your anti-motto.

    21. In fact, you consider the phrase "too much food" a fun challenge.

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    22. You are sure to record any unusual food encounters in your day because those moments are special and fleeting.

    23. Because you appreciate every moment you have with your favorite snack.

    24. And you cherish this lifestyle, because you know it won't last forever.

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