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15 Reasons Oprah Would Be The Best Owner In The NBA

Oprah, along with David Geffen and Larry Ellison, has expressed interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers. We think she should do it.

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1. Oprah would embrace Blake Griffin's intensity.

Harpo Productions / Via

2. And she could establish the Oprah Brick Club.

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3. Matt Barnes would get the tough love he needs.

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4. And even the referees would be on her side.

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5. Opposing team flops? Not havin' it.

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6. Oprah would care about the players on and off the court.

ABC / Via

7. She'd also be the most enthusiastic person in the arena.

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8. Gold toilets would be found in every restroom at the Staples Center.

9. Every dunk would be celebrated.

10. She has no time for ignorant nonsense from executives and people in charge.

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11. Her players would reap the benefits of her extreme generosity.

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12. She'd invite all of her famous BFFs to the games.

15. Most important: She has the heart of a determined champion.

Yeah, Oprah's gotta buy the Clippers. We can picture it now.

OWN / Via
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