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Here's The Powerful Anti-Redskins Commercial That Aired During Tuesday's NBA Finals

California tribe Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation made a "significant investment" to air this video during prime time.

A 60-second version of this advertisement, produced by the National Congress of American Indians, aired in seven cities during Tuesday's NBA Finals.

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The video runs through words Native Americans actually use to identify themselves. A photo project of the same name is ongoing.





The background song, "The Battle", was actually written by Tim Cretella, a lifelong Redskins fan. Cretella did not write the song for the advertisement; he was informed of its use by his agent after the video was released.

"Proud To Be" was produced in January, but the pressure to change the team's name has only heated up since the end of football season.

Fifty US Senators wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, asking to change the name; a hashtag meant to serve as a rebuttal to this letter failed miserably. A small survey found the majority of Natives to be offended by the name, refuting an oft-referenced survey from ten years ago.

Below, Yocha Dehe tribal leaders explain why they chose to get involved with Change The Mascot and the push to change the Washington football team's name.

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"We applaud the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation for having the vision and commitment to ensure that the American public receives the message loud and clear that Native Americans strongly oppose the use of this disparaging slur. Contrary to the team's absurd claims, this dictionary-defined racial epithet does not honor our heritage. The Change the Mascot campaign continues to gather strength every time that people are educated about the origin of the R-word and its damaging impact on Native peoples. By airing this ad during the NBA Championships, the message will be brought into the living rooms of millions of American all across the country."

"Proud To Be" aired Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Sacramento, San Francisco and Washington on Tuesday night