We Rated Lush's Halloween Bath Bombs On A Scale Of One To Insta-Worthy

    It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

    Every fall, Lush debuts a collection of spooky soaps, bath bombs, and shimmer bars for Halloween. Like the dedicated spa-obsessed people we are, we decided to test a bunch and rate them in a selfie test (because anyone who says they don't Snapchat from the tub is a liar).

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    First up: The Boo luxury bath melt, which turned the water a spooky-cool opaque color.

    Carl's rating? "I'll give it a 7, because if you had a glass of wine and a nice filter? Boom."

    Next: The Lord Of Misrule bath bomb, made with patchouli oil and black pepper oil.

    Jazzmyne rated it a 7. "The smells are pretty consistent—I like that dark spiciness."

    The Autumn Leaf bath bomb made us feel like a metamorphosis was happening before our eyes.

    But while Lindsay was into the changing colors, she wasn't so sure it was Insta-worthy once the colors all combined. "If you think of spring turning into fall, that's what it looks like—but if you think of puke, that's what it looks like too."

    We decided to get a little crazy for the next bath, combining a Pumpkin bath bomb and a Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar.

    Carl was into the bath bomb, but the bubble bar left him feeling a little unsure.

    The verdict? Still a 9, because that orange water is Halloween AF.

    And finally, we all hopped in the tub together for the last test: The Monsters' Ball bath bomb, which is basically just a gigantic cartoon cyclops head.

    The winner of the selfie test? The Monsters' Ball, of course.

    TBH, though, they were all pretty ~bomb.~