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    I Tried On Dresses From Amazon Under $100 And Wasn't Exactly Impressed

    Bridal gown on a budget.

    Getting married is super exciting, and picking out the perfect wedding dress is a BFD for most brides.

    Watch these women review wedding dresses from Amazon that cost under $100!

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    This is Chrissy, and she's getting married very soon.

    She thought it would be fun to try on some wedding dresses from Amazon, so she invited her friends (Jazzmyne, Sheridan, and Kristin) to come along as her bridal party.

    Jazzmyne thought the first dress Chrissy tried on was beautiful. Kristin thought it was cute, and Sheridan didn't think it was anything special.

    Everyone was shocked to discover this dress was only $15!

    The second dress Chrissy modeled was a strapless number with a train that had a weird little pointy part in the boob area.

    When she revealed that the dress was $65, Sheridan was shocked because she thought it looked way more expensive.

    The next dress made all of Chrissy's friends immediately giggle. Kristin absolutely loved it because she thought it was cute, flattering, and classy.

    Once again, all the ladies were surprised to discover the dress was only $85.

    When Chrissy came out in the fourth dress, none of the ladies were feelin' it. They thought it was both boring and too much.

    This one was $95. Sheridan pointed out that this type of dress had cost that much since 1997. Ha!

    And for the fifth and final dress, it was as if three types of wedding dresses had been "Frankensteined" into one.

    This wedding dress turned out to be $95. Jazzmyne was four out of five when it came to guessing the right price of each dress.

    Once the modeling was done, Chrissy revealed that all of the dresses she tried on from Amazon were under $100!

    Regardless of which dress Chrissy wears on her wedding day, they were all sure of one thing: She's going to make a beautiful bride.