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    Regular People Went To Fashion Week And Their Minds Were Blown

    This shit is intense, y'all.

    We're Lindsay and Jazzmyne. While we like to think we're ~stylish~ humans, we are by no means experts when it comes to the fashion industry. So when we found out we'd be going to New York Fashion Week for the first time, we were both excited and a little nervous.

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    Step one, of course, was figuring out what to wear. You could say it was a little high-pressure.

    After an embarrassing amount of planning, we flew to New York ready to take it all in. On day one, Lindsay went for a chic high-fashion look...

    ...while Jazzmyne rocked a floor-length dress with a cape and shoes that said "FUCK"—because #fashion.

    First on our agenda: The Nicole Miller show. We waited in line outside for what seemed like ages before we finally got in—and discovered it's just as high-stress inside the show.

    The show was a great first NYFW experience...

    ...and it made us realize just how much planning is done behind the scenes.

    Next up: Tadashi Shoji. We had reserved seats, which felt pretty fancy.

    The show was made up entirely of gowns, and IT. WAS. GORGEOUS.

    We basically fell into bed after this, because it turns out NYFW is exhausting!

    On day two, we planned to go to a couple street style shows, so we dressed a little more casually. Lindsay chose a preppy blazer, trousers, and sneakers.

    And Jazzmyne channeled her inner Missy Elliot with a velour tracksuit and black ball cap.

    First up: The Hood By Air show! Instead of waiting out front, we actually got to go backstage before the show, which was so cool.

    We met the creative director, who explained that the show was inspired by kids getting messy playing with their parents' stuff. It made the actual show all the more enjoyable because we could really see that vision come to life. In short, it BLEW OUR MINDS.

    After picking ourselves up off the floor, we headed to one last show: Gypsy Sport. Like Hood By Air, this show had a mix of colors and textures as well as diverse models. It was a great way to cap off our first Fashion Week experience.

    Even though we aren't directly involved in the fashion industry, going to Fashion Week gave us the confidence to rock our own personal style year-round. 'Til next time, NYFW!