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Adorable Home Decorations You Can Make With Pinecones

Pinecones are love, pinecones are life.

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It's that time of year again where pinecones are EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK. BuzzFeed Top Knot compiled some super easy pinecone crafts to warm up your home this fall.

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Cute Candle Holders

Buzzfeed Top Knot

What you need: Pinecones, a hot glue gun, tea candles, and pliers.

What to do: Make a flat base by cutting the top leaves. Then, remove the bottom leaves and hot glue the candle onto the surface.

A Squee-worthy Owl

BuzzFeed Top Knot

What you need: A pinecone, buttons, four colors of felt, hot glue, and scissors.

What to do: Cut the felt into wings, ears, eyes, and a beak. Glue all the pieces onto the pinecone and cry from cuteness.


Scented Pinecones

BuzzFeed Top Knot

What you need: Pinecones, cinnamon essential oil, and glitter.

What to do: Throw the pinecones in the plastic bag and add the glitter and several drops of essential oil. Close the bag, shake it around, and pour the pinecones into a bowl for the world to smell.