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Impossibly Cute DIY BFF Halloween Costumes

What will you and your bestie be for Halloween?

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Ready to look too awesome for words this Halloween? We've made our five favorite costume pairs for you and you're BFF, and they're super easy to make!

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A Pineapple and Strawberry

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For the pineapple:

-Throw on a yellow romper or dress and some white sunnies, and pair with a bright lip.

-Get an old toilet paper roll and large and regular sheets of green construction paper.

-Starting at the top of the roll place leaf shaped cutouts on the roll with hot glue.

-Continue all around until you reach the bottom.

-Glue green felt to the bottom and glue your topper on a clip or headband.

For the strawberry:

-Cut out seed shapes from white tape and apply them to a hot-pink dress.

-Get a to-go coffee cup and cut it in half for the strawberry topper.

-Cut out leaf shapes from your construction paper and glue them to the coffee cup.

-Glue felt onto the bottom and attach to a headband.

A Magician and Bunny

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For the magician:

-Pick out your favorite dark blazer and pair it with a collared white shirt.

-Pair with black pants and black shoes.

-Grab a white bow tie, top hat, red flower, magic wand, and some glitter, and you're ready to make some magic.

For the bunny:

-Slip on a white shirt and white pants.

-Make felt bunny ears by folding the felt in half and cutting an almond shape.

-Pinch the bottom and glue.

-Glue the ears to a hair pin or headband.

-Get some faux fur at the fabric store, bunch it up, and pin to your butt.

-Draw on some whiskers and a nose, and you're ready to go.


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For the sushi:

-Grab a tan or white dress to be brown or white rice.

-Get a rectangular pillow and some sushi colored fabric.

-Lay the pillow on top of the fabric and fold and fasten with safety pins.

-Get a black scarf and tie that bad boy to your back.

-Get green and pink felt for your ginger and wasabi.

-Cut the ginger into strips and roll them up. Glue them to your headband.

-Get the green felt and twist clockwise starting in the middle, and glue to secure.

-Glue it next to your ginger and become a delicious piece of sushi.


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For the Robbers:

-Either grab a black and white striped shirt or make your own by painting a white shirt with black fabric paint.

-Place scotch tape on the shirt before painting so you can make clean lines.

-Paint a money sign on a plain canvas bag.

-Cut up green construction paper for money (unless you're rich AF and want to use real money).

-Dive into your ski clothes and get a black beanie and black gloves.

-Put on some black pants and paint on a mask, and rob some banks*.

*not recommended

A Bubble Bath and Loofah

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For the bubble bath:

-Grab a blue cotton dress, perferably A-line or body con.

-Blow up around 20 blue and white balloons.

-Attatch them to the skirt of the dress with a safety pin.

-Grab a rubber ducky and hot glue that bad boy to a plain headband.

-Pick up some bubbles and get your bath started.

For the loofah:

-Get a pink leotard.

-Get about 20 yards of hot pink or pink tulle and cut into strips.

-Bunch up the strips into mini loofahs and either hot glue or safety pin each bunch onto your leotard until fully covered.

-Cut about an arm's length piece of rope and attatch it to your shoulder.

-Get a scrap of tulle and hot glue it to a plain headband or bobby pin.

-Go wash the world of its sins.

Please Halloween responsibly.

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