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    • lindsayS1189

      So would you say the same for Christianity? A religion that, according to you, justified lynchings in the South and the KKK? Fuels the hatred of the Westboro Baptist Church? That justified the Crusades? Manifest Destiny? Slavery and colonization? The slaughter of Jews and Gypsies by Nazis? I would never go so far as to say that “Christianity” did those things - the people who did them believed themselves to be following Christianity, but what they were actually following was a barbaric and destructive, hateful misinterpretation of religion for political/economic/racial power and gain. You might argue that the INSTITUTION of religion itself is to blame for these atrocities, because perhaps you would argue that history shows that humans cannot be trusted to follow religious faith without misconstruing it for their own selfish purposes. But, in either case, ISLAM is not to blame. Human arrogance, weakness, and hatred should be the target here.

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