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    Definitive Proof That Doughnuts Are The New Cupcake.

    Move over, cupcakes. Doughnuts have arrived.

    Remember when cupcakes were a big deal?

    NBC / Via

    Well, that's all about to be over, because doughnuts have arrived.

    People are already waiting in massive lines to get their hands on some.

    And wearing them on their clothes.

    Get the first shirt, here. Get the second shirt, here. Get the leggings, here.

    And using them as wedding cakes.

    The Wedding Couple / / Via

    And they are better than cupcakes because they can be eaten at any time of day. Like Breakfast. / Via

    Get the green eggs and ham doughnut at Sidecar Doughnuts.



    Get the grilled cheese doughnut recipe here.



    Who doesn't like pizza for dinner? Recipe for pizza doughnuts here.

    Or Dessert:


    Strawberry Shortcake Doughnut recipe here.

    Speaking of dessert, doughnuts go very well with ice cream.


    Recipe here.

    And in other good news, there is an app to help you find them.


    The Doughbot app helps you find the best doughnuts in your area.

    Or Doughnut Crawls that let you try the best of the best .

    Matt Bellassai for BuzzFeed

    See Buzzfeed's NYC tour here. Or follow this national tour here.

    People are writing books about them.


    Read about them here.

    And creating crazy flavors.


    "Old Dirty Bastard" from Voodoo Doughnut in Portland.

    Like the Cronut.


    Dominique Ansel won Pastry Chef of the Year for this doughnut/croissant hybrid.

    Martha Stewart is into them.


    And if Martha is on board everyone should be on board.

    Oh, and they are DELICIOUS.

    NBC / Via


    So see ya later, cupcakes.

    Because you have officially been dethrowned.

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