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    24 Decadent Ice Cream Cakes That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

    Just in time for summer.

    1. Toasted Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

    This one is for all the coconut lovers out there. A chocolate cake topped with toasted coconut ice cream, chocolate ganache, and toasted coconut whipped cream! Recipe here.

    2. Homemade Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

    Because Dairy Queen is delicious. Recipe here.

    3. Peach Cobbler Ice Cream Cake

    This cake is perfect for summer! Recipe here.

    4. Fruity Pebble Crunch Ice Cream Cake

    Fruity Pebbles is no longer just a breakfast cereal. Recipe here.

    5. Blackberry Blackout Ice Cream Cake

    Blackberry chocolate chunk ice cream stacked between layers of decadent chocolate cake. Recipe here.

    6. Sundae Cone Cake

    The ice cream cone gives this cake the perfect crunch. Recipe here.

    8. M&M Ice Cream Cake

    Pretty pastel colors. Recipe here.

    9. Vanilla Berry Ice Cream Cake

    Katelyn Williams / Via

    Frozen berry goodness. Recipe here.

    10. Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake

    Four types of ice cream, Oreos, AND ice cream sandwiches. This cake is a show stopper. Recipe here.

    11. Vegan Snickers Ice cream Cake

    Just because you eat Vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy some epic ice cream cake. Recipe here.

    12. Summer Berry Ice Cream Cake

    13. Salted Chocolate And Caramel Ice Cream Cake

    Can't get much better than dripping caramel. Recipe here.

    15. Cake Batter Brownie Ice Cream Cake

    So much goodness happening in one cake. Recipe here.

    16. Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake

    Because who doesn't love cookie dough? Recipe here.

    18. Biscoff Ice Cream Cake

    Mini ice cream cakes with a major crunch. Recipe here.

    19. Chipwich Ice Cream Cake

    So much epicness happening in one cake. Recipe here.

    20. Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake

    Pound cake, strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, and strawberry wafer cookies. Recipe here.

    21. Toblerone Ice Cream Cake

    Everyone's favorite Toblerone in ice cream cake form. Recipe here.

    22. Easy Reese's Ice Cream Cake

    You can't really go wrong with chocolate peanut butter. Recipe here.

    23. Ice Cream Cheesecake With Mixed Berries And Thyme

    Ice Cream and cheesecake! What more could you ask for?! Recipe here.

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