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    21 Boozy Dessert Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures

    Get drunk on dessert.

    1. Red Wine Granita

    2. Margarita Macarons

    3. Blueberry-Huckleberry Grand Marnier Tart

    4. Amaretto Crepes with Cranberry-Raspberry Sauce

    5. Champange Cupcakes

    6. Brown Sugar Brandy Ice Cream

    7. Bruleed Bourbon Maple Pumpkin Pie

    8. Rhubarb Grand Marnier Tart

    9. Banana Cupcakes with Bourbon Butterscotch Filling

    10. Blackberry Red Wine Chocolate Cake

    11. Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie Cupcakes with Butter Pecan Frosting

    12. Guinness Chocolate Bundt Cake

    13. Gingerbread Cake With Whiskey Caramel

    14. Ice Cream with Mulled Wine Syrup

    15. Boozy Black Forest Cake

    16. Champange Sorbet

    17. Chocolate Kahlua Cake

    18. White Chocolate Moussee with Riesling

    19. Boozy Biscoff Beer Floats

    20. Strawberry Moscato Cupcakes

    21. Coconut Rum Milkshakes

    22. Chocolate Merlot Cake

    23. Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout Cheesecake

    24. Raspberry Lime Sangria Popsicles

    25. Limoncello Mini Bundt Cakes