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    These Are Going To Be The 16 Biggest Food Trends In 2016, According To Pinterest

    So you can live that #PinterestLife.

    We're all familiar with the pitfalls of trying to live a #Pinterestlife.

    But, the truth is, Pinterest is a great place to get ~inspiration~. Now Pinterest is attempting to tell us what is in store for 2016.

    The forecast is full of easy ways to eat healthier, preserving foods (whether it's by fermenting stuff or reducing waste), and getting seriously DIY.

    Let's take look, shall we?

    1. We'll all be fancying up vintage and traditional foods. Jelly salad, anyone?

    Hector Sanchez / Via

    According to Pinterest, you'll be dressing up your bubby's kugel or bringing beef aspic into the 21st century. Get the recipe for Aunt Laura's Stained Glass Cake here.

    2. You'll be turning your kitchen into a brewery.

    If you say so, Pinterest. Get a 20-day guide to starting your first IPA over at The Kitchn.

    3. Apparently, we'll also be making our own booze.

    Distilling alcohol at home seems super complicated, so maybe just infusing ready-made vodka or whiskey would be easier. Get the recipe for strawberry-basil-infused vodka here.

    4. Avocado oil will be the new olive oil.

    Pinterest says to move over, EVOO. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats, aka the "good kind" of fats. So, it makes sense that they'd be a good swap for olive oil. You can buy this jar over at Walmart.

    5. French toast will get ~savory~.

    Now this idea I can get behind. Get the recipe for Parmesan French toast here.

    6. Healthy lunches in cute packaging will make work easier and more delicious.

    Healthy lunches are always in, but putting them in cute packaging will make it more fun. Plus, it's easier to stay healthy throughout the whole day when you have tasty snacks ready to go. Get these and many more ideas for lunch here.

    7. We'll be skipping Starbucks and home-brewing quality coffee instead.

    IDK, Pinterest, this looks like a lot of steps to go through when I'm cranky in the morning. Get a full how-to over at Gimme Some Oven.

    8. Bye-bye, carbs — we're going to be swapping in veggies for high-calorie foods.

    Here are 23 bangin' ways to swap cauliflower in for carbs, so that it's easier to make veggies the star of the show.

    9. Beers and cocktails will fall in love.

    I'm pretty sure that micheladas have been the shit for a while now, but Pinterest says that "beertails" are going to be a thing in 2016. Get the recipe for blood orange, jalapeño, whiskey and beer cocktails here.

    10. DIY infused olive oils will still be a thing.

    Store-bought flavored oils are usually pretty gross, so it makes sense that making them yourself would be tastier, and probably cheaper, too. Get a full tutorial for four different flavored oils here.

    11. We'll all be magician-gardeners. Regrow food from your scraps!

    OK, this trend, I'm into. How cool is it that you can regrow all these foods from your leftover scraps?

    12. Wasting less in general is a theme for 2016. Instead of throwing out unused herbs from the store or garden, save them in olive oil.

    I can't tell you how many times I have a bag of thyme or parsley that I end up throwing out. I love the idea of saving herbs in creative ways. Get the how-to for freezing herbs in olive oil at The Kitchn.

    13. Fewer, better ingredients that are well prepared.

    Focusing on better-quality ingredients means that healthy food tastes better — and is generally faster and easier to cook. Here are 37 ideas for Whole30 recipes (basically extreme Paleo, but don't worry!) that are actually really delicious.

    14. Fruit-flavored water is the new soda.

    Spa water has known this for a long time: Putting delicious things in plain water makes it feel fancy AND taste delicious. Get 14 ideas for fruit-infused water here.

    15. Fermented foods will continue to be trendy (and help our guts!).

    Fermented foods, like kimchee and sauerkraut, have great health benefits in the form of probiotics and other digestion-friendly bacteria. Get the recipe for traditional kimchi here.

    16. Going dairy-free or gluten-free is here to stay.

    Expect to see more restaurants with flexible menus, and more recipes that cater to dietary restrictions. Here are 17 pasta recipes that have no dairy, in case you want to get started.

    Are you going to try any of these in 2016? Or do they seem wack to you?

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