14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters To Drink Instead Of Soda

Healthy, hydrating, and homemade.

1. Strawberry, Lemon, and Basil


A classic trifecta. Get the recipe.

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2. Orange and Blueberry

To fully fuse the flavors, combine the ingredients in a pitcher and let them sit for up to a day before drinking. Get the recipe.

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3. Watermelon and Mint

I been drinkin’ ~watermelon~. (And also mint.) Get the recipe.

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4. Citrus and Cucumber

Get the recipe.

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5. Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber


For a stronger fruit flavor, muddle the strawberries instead of slicing them. Get the recipe.

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6. Citrus and Cilantro

Not a cilantro fan? Find other variations here.

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7. Rosemary and Grapefruit

Get the recipe.

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8. Raspberry, Rose Petal, and Vanilla

This combo steeps for a day, and the berries and petals are strained out before drinking. Get the recipe.

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9. Blueberry and Lavender

Haven’t you heard? Edible flowers are everywhere. Get the recipe.

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10. Cantaloupe Agua Fresca with Honey and Mint


Break out the blender: It’s agua fresca time. Get the recipe.

ID: 2992844

11. Kiwi and Cucumber Agua Fresca

Agua frescas typically call for added sugar, but feel free to adjust the sweetness depending on your taste. (Or leave it out entirely.) Get the recipe.

ID: 2992448

12. Honeydew & Raspberry Agua Fresca

Chunks of honeydew are blended until they’re liquified, then balanced out with water, fresh lime juice, and sugar. Garnish of choice? Tart raspberries. Get the recipe.

ID: 2992579

13. Watermelon Coconut Agua Fresca

Coconut water gives this version a lightly sweetened base. Get the recipe.

ID: 2997127

14. Champagne Mango and Lime

Champagne mangos bring the party. Get the recipe.

ID: 2998890

Drink up!

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