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    19 Moms Who Are Just Trying To Keep Up With The Kardashians

    "The Jenners have the worst granite."

    Thinkstock / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    1. On breaking news:

    2. On love:

    3. On new beginnings:

    4. On interior design:

    5. On technology:

    6. On their religion:

    7. On "funny" moments:

    8. On special occasions:

    9. On theories behind Chris*, Chloe*, and Kanye:

    Twitter: @julianamariiee

    *Kris, *Khloé

    10. On etiquette:

    11. On their lingo:

    12. On men:

    13. On their assets:

    14. On gossip:

    15. On their relationships:

    16. On travel recommendations:

    17. On being a faithful viewer:

    18. On important facts:

    19. And finally, on family:

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