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    Mila Kunis' Older Brother Made Up The Best Lie When Someone Tried Telling Her That Santa Wasn't Real

    "I was like, 'THAT MAKES SENSE!'"

    Everyone remembers that fateful, fateful day when you were a kid (or a YOUNG ADULT), and someone *tried* telling you that Santa Claus wasn't real.

    Well, just because Mila Kunis is famous, it doesn't mean she was given a free pass from that heart-wrenching conversation.

    In an interview with BuzzFeed while chatting A Bad Moms Christmas and playing Truth or Dare Jenga, Mila recounted a story from when her older brother, Michael, LITERALLY saved her Christmas day.

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    "I was maybe like, five, six, seven — around there — and I came back from school and was like, 'Somebody at school told me Santa wasn’t real,'" Mila said.

    "My brother, who’s six years older than I am, was like, 'Listen, I’ll tell you the truth — Santa doesn’t ride a sleigh. CLEARLY that doesn’t exist because we all know people don’t fly. He flies a plane! That’s how he gets around in one night.' And that bought me another year!"

    "So it bought me a whole year of thinking Santa existed when my brother told me that Santa doesn’t ride a sleigh but instead, *SPOILER ALERT*, rides in a plane! And I was like, 'That makes sense!'"

    So there you have it. The TRUTH about Santa's existence, straight from Queen Mila herself.