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Chris Pratt Plays A Game Of "Would You Rather"

Would he rather save a horse or ride a cowboy?

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Jurassic World is now in theaters.

I REPEAT. Jurassic World is NOW IN THEATERS.

In honor of the highly anticipated film, we asked its lead actor, Chris Pratt, to play a game of "Would You Rather." Chris was stoked to play, because he's a chill dude and is always down to clown.

To start the game, we decided to skip the small talk and go straight for nudity. We asked Chris if he'd rather go about his normal day naked or sleep for a year. He didn't miss a beat.


If Chris thought that was stressful, he was in for a wild ride. We then threw the hardest question known to humankind. Christopher Michael Pratt, would you rather be your Jurassic World character in real life...OR BE BEYONCÉ?!?!

Do you pick this?!?!

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Valid point. Moving on...

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Chris then gave the cutest answer to the weirdest question ever, which made us love him even more. Would you rather faint while being interviewed by Oprah or be eaten by a dinosaur?


When quizzed on whether he'd rather drink one gallon of ketchup or one gallon of mustard, it seemed as if Chris had been waiting to answer this question his entire life. He was ready.